Best phone deals — Save $700 on the LG V40 and more!

best phone deals

A new phone is one of the most important tech investments you can make. You probably use it more times each day than any other device, so you’ll want to pick one that’s just right for you. You could spend hours scouring the web looking for the best offers, so we’ve done the legwork for you. We’ve gone ahead and gathered some of the best phone deals available to help you save both time and money.

We’re sticking with unlocked deals for now because carrier-specific deals would grow this list into an encyclopedia.

Best phone deals

  1. Samsung Galaxy deals

  2. Google Pixel deals

  3. LG deals

  4. OnePlus deals

All of these deals were live at the time of writing. We’ll do our best to keep you stocked with the latest savings as we find them.

 1. Samsung Galaxy deals

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest right now, the Samsung Galaxy S20 family offers some of the top specs you can find. From tiny bezels to the 108MP camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the features are cutting-edge. Here are some of the best S20 options:

Samsung Galaxy S20

$799 .99 Save $200 .00

Buy it Now

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

$789 .99 Save $410 .00

Buy it Now

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

$1180 .00 Save $219 .99

Buy it Now

While the S20 family is the newest on the block, you can still explore the S10 range or either of the Note 10 models at great prices. After all, the Note 10 is the way to go if you want the S-Pen stylus. Here are some options to pick from:

Samsung Galaxy S10

$599 .99 Save $150 .00

Buy it Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

$789 .75 Save $49 .25

Buy it Now

If you’re on a slightly more limited budget, you can check out the Galaxy A series as well:

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 2. Google Pixel deals

If you want a truly stock Android experience, the Google Pixel is the way to go. In addition to the stock experience, the Pixel family consistently has one of the best cameras on a smartphone thanks to Google’s software. The Pixel has a bit more of a top and bottom bezel than other options, but you may not notice while you enjoy the top-notch software.

Keep an eye out for the Google Pixel 4a announcement, but in the meantime here are some top deals:

Google Pixel 4 XL

$549 .99 Save $350 .00

Buy it Now

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 3. LG deals

If Samsung and Google aren’t quite your thing, you might be interested in some of the latest offerings from LG. LG offers two main lines of phone: The G series and the amped-up V series. LG also offers a unique Dual Screen option that turns some of its phones into folding options.

The LG V60 has recently come out which means that there are big savings to be had on the previous models, such as the V40. You can check out a few of the best LG phone deals here:

LG G8X ThinQ with Dual Screen

$699 .99 Save $250 .00

Buy it Now

 4. OnePlus deals

The final option for some great savings on today’s list is OnePlus. While the prices for OnePlus phones have increased in recent years, the arrival of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro means that you can save big on the OnePlus 7 and 7T right now. You can experience the light OxygenOS and recharge with super-fast Warp Charge technology.

OnePlus phones are a bit trickier in that they don’t work with all carriers. If you’re on a GSM network or Verizon, here is a deal on the OnePlus 7T:

OnePlus 7T

You can experience the new triple rear camera on the OnePlus 7T with a Snapdragon 855 Plus chip. The OnePlus 7T is GSM unlocked, and it’s on sale right now.

And there you go, the best phone deals available right now. All of the deals were live at the time of writing, but we’ll make sure to update the list as we find new offerings.

Android, Deals, Gadget, Phones, Technology

Android, Deals, Gadget, Phones, Technology

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