EDISON 333, a Cyberpunk Story

I am sharing this project by colorsponge . for two particular reasons. First of all, the project I am featuring is what I called: ‘A cyberpunk story’ which is something I love dearly and second of all after taking a closer look. It’s made entirely in CGI! Really! I would never think this would be made entirely in CGI but it actually is. It’s quite expressive, I especially love how colorsponge . visually approached the main character and obviously the car. What an amazing story, make sure to check out the full project on his Behance profile.

About colorsponge

colorsponge is an automotive CGI artist based in London, UK. If you are a car lover, you should definitely follow his work now and on Behance.

Art, Design, Inspiration, Uncategorized

Art, Design, Inspiration, Uncategorized

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