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The business world is constantly changing and thousands of business books are written every year. You couldn’t read them all if you tried, but it’s useful to have the key concepts. Soundview Executive Book Summaries lets you digest the latest thinking with short, simple summaries. For a limited time, you can pick it up for half-price.

Soundview rounds up the latest business ideas and concepts, then spoon-feeds them to you in short summaries, webinars, and newsletters. Whether you’re interested in leadership or marketing, you’ll be at the leading edge of the latest trends. You can read or listen to summaries that interest you, then save the content you find most useful.

Soundview Summaries feature content from leading publishers and authors around the world. You can follow the latest from Stephen Covey and Patricia Zigarmi in addition to publishers like Harper Collins and Prentice-Hall. Execs at top companies like Nike, Lockheed Martin, and PWC use the service, showing how it can benefit the time-poor individual.

Executive Summaries at a glance:

  • Seven new assets every month

  • Popular categories like leadership and marketing

  • Works from best-selling authors

  • Content from some of the world’s leading publishers

A one-year subscription to Soundview Executive Book Summaries has a retail value of $99 but you can sign up now for just $49.99. It’s a smart way to boost your business knowledge without breaking the bank.

The deal expires in the coming days, so check it out via the widget below.

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Android, Deals, eBooks, Gadget, Technology

Android, Deals, eBooks, Gadget, Technology

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