Grab some in-game Fortnite items by watching Twitch Rivals SuperGames

Get ready for drops!

What you need to know

  • The Twitch Rivals SuperGames Finals will take place tomorrow.

  • Fortnite will be giving out in-game items through the Twitch Drops program.

  • Watching for 30 minutes gives you a chance at the Drops.

Throughout the week, Twitch has been partnering with a variety of streamers and professional athletes to present the Twitch Rivals SuperGames. With the Finals for the event set to take place tomorrow, players can earn some exclusive in-game Fortnite items by watching thanks to Twitch Drops.

For those unaware, Twitch Drops is a program that Twitch has that allows players to earn rewards by simply watching streams. On Twitch’s browse page, you’ll see a small mark under games that have Drops enabled, and those are the specific streams and games that you can earn rewards from.

In order to make sure you’re able to receive Twitch Drops, you’ll have to make sure your Twitch account is connected to whatever game or platform you’re trying to earn items from. To do that, make sure you head over to Twitch’s connections page to see what your account is linked to, and connect to anything you might have missed.

The Twitch Rivals SuperGames Finals begin tomorrow at 5:00 PT, and will feature 12 teams of two players take part in a tournament to crown the best gaming duo.

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