Here’s how Microsoft tested Surface Neo and Duo for comfort, productivity

Wrist sensors and EEGs apparently played a big part in developing Surface Neo and Surface Neo.

What you need to know

  • A newly leaked video looks behind the curtain at some of the research that went into designing Surface Neo and Surface Duo.

  • Microsoft used a set of wrist sensors to measure tension while using the dual-screen devices.

  • The company also employed EEG tests to measure how productive people were with two screens compared to one.

A presentation apparently leaked from within Microsoft this weekend offers an interesting look at the research that went into developing the Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Specifically, the presenter showed how Microsoft used a combination of wrist sensors and electroencephalograms (EEG) to measure the comfort and productivity of using dual-screen devices. The video appeared on Twitter over the weekend from prominent Microsoft leaker WalkingCat.

With the wrist sensors, the presenter explains that Microsoft measured the hand and arm tension while working with Surface Neo and Surface Duo to determine how easy it is to hold. Beyond that, Microsoft measured brain activity to determine that productivity increased when using a dual-screen device when compared to a single-screen device.

“So that’s where we found out that in a dual-screen, we saw even that there’s more neural activity in the brain going on and you can process things better when you’re using a dual-screen device,” the presenter explains.

This type of research is something Microsoft has turned to for more than just Surface devices. The company has also engaged in research to improve the Xbox Series X controller so that it can be used by a wider range of hand sizes. That’s in addition to the work it has done with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Surface Duo and Surface Neo are expected to launch later in 2020. Both were announced with holiday 2020 launch dates, but recent reporting indicates that Surface Neo and its operating system, Windows 10X, may be delayed beyond 2020. Surface Duo could see an earlier launch this summer.

Entertainment, Microsoft, Technology, Uncategorized, Windows

Entertainment, Microsoft, Technology, Uncategorized, Windows

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