IFA 2020 is still on despite COVID-19, but how?

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As the coronavirus pandemic causes trade show after trade show to cancel their event plans for the year, IFA 2020 stands out above the crowd. The event organizers — GFU and Messe Berlin — just announced on the IFA website and on Twitter that “IFA Berlin is set to go ahead in 2020,” but that it won’t look the same this year.

IFA takes place in Berlin, Germany, each year, but the local government has banned all events with 5,000 participants or more until the end of October. The organizers have been discussing the best way to go forward with IFA 2020 for weeks now given the circumstances, and it appears they have come to a conclusion.

They say that the event will be possible thanks to an “innovative new concept,” but they neglect to divulge any further details. It’s possible IFA 2020 will simply be a series of live-streamed events similar to what we’ve seen in recent weeks, but that wouldn’t be very “innovative,” now would it?

We have a few ideas on what gfu and Messe Berlin could have in mind, but they’re just speculation at this point. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

As of right now, IFA 2020 will take place September 4-9. Stay tuned to Android Authority for more details.

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Android, coronavirus, Gadget, IFA, News, Technology

Android, coronavirus, Gadget, IFA, News, Technology

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