Make sure your Garmin Vivosport stays juiced with a replacement charger

Once you’ve become accustomed to a high-tech fitness tracker like the Garmin Vivosport, it becomes your constant companion. The smart little device tracks everything from exercise and steps to sleep, and if it dies, you could miss out on some valuable data! Keep a replacement charging cable on hand, just in case your current cable becomes lost or damaged. These are the best choices you’ll find online.

The original

Garmin Charging Data Cable

Staff Pick

Garmin’s original charging/data cable is definitely the priciest on the list, but when it comes to quality, you can never go wrong with the real deal. If you can afford to pay the premium price, this cable will prove durable and long-lasting.

$25 at Garmin

Best value

MoKo Charger for Garmin Vivosport

On the other end of the spectrum, you have this Moko Charger that’s much, much cheaper. You could buy four of these for less than the price of one Garmin charging cable, so even if they aren’t as durable, it certainly wouldn’t be hard to replace them.

$6 at Amazon

Simple & affordable

ECSEM Charger for Garmin Vivosport

This similar charger from ECSEM is pretty indistinguishable from the Moko and at a similarly affordable price. The two chargers look exactly the same and sport the same length, so choosing one will just depend on which manufacturer you like better.

$7 at Amazon


Kissmart Charging Cable

Who doesn’t love a good twofer? Kissmart is a trusted seller with an excellent rating on Amazon, so you can rest assured that this deal is a good one. You’ll get two meter-long cables for the price of one!

$10 at Amazon

Package deal

JIUJOJA Charging cable

Here is an even sweeter deal! This package comes with two slightly longer cables, as well as eight extra charging port covers to fit out your Vivosport with a little pop of color. The port covers come in four different colors.

$8 at Amazon

Keeping the juice

Make sure your Garmin Vivosmart is always juiced by keeping an extra charger on hand. We prefer the original edition, the Garmin Charging Data Cable because you can count on it for perfect functionality and durability. It’s a lot more expensive than the other choices, but good quality is worth paying a little extra.

There is something to be said for the inexpensive choice as well. If you’re on a budget, less expensive options like the MoKo Charger should be perfectly serviceable, and for a fraction of the price. The JIUJOJA cable pack is a great choice for anyone who loves a good package deal. Here you have two charging cables and eight-port covers for the Vivosport. Now that’s a deal!

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