Pro-Ject Juke Box E HiFi Set Is Analogous to Audio Made Simple

Turntable specialist Pro-Ject recognizes the vast majority of would-be listeners harbor little interest in the details such as a synchronous motor, aluminum drive pulley, or the virtues of specific materials for isolating sound. Most want plug-and-play simplicity with solid performance delivered at a reasonable price that will look pleasing openly situated in the living room – attributes the versatile Pro-Ject Juke Box E HiFi Set hits on all marks.

The entry level system ships with an 8.6” aluminum tonearm with sapphire bearings tipped with an Ortofon OM5e anti-skating force cartridge.

Even though the entry-level customer for whom the $499 Pro-Ject Juke Box E HiFi Set is aimed at may not necessarily obsess over its specifications, they’ll certainly appreciate the simplicity of a system designed to get from unpacking to listening without an ounce of expertise. Everything required to start enjoying the vinyl medium is included in a set of well-packaged boxes, and connecting each piece together requires all but 15 minutes from start to finish, featuring only a minimum of components: turntable, speakers, audio cables, felt mat, cover, remote control, and even a set of rubber damping feet.

The Juke Box E and its included pair of Speaker Box 5 2-way monitor speakers make a fine looking tandem, with matching sleek glossy white, black, or resoundingly red finishes that should fool the layperson of a hi-fi pedigree despite the system’s modest price tag.

The Juke Box E’s high contrast alphanumeric LCD display makes it easy to glance at volume levels and the connectivity input from afar.

While the system ranks as a beginner’s entry point into the steep ascension toward audiophile nirvana, the Pro-Ject Juke Box E set is still outfitted with solid features like a dedicated remote control, bass and treble adjustment, a 32-step volume knob, gold-plated phono and line RCA output jacks, and Bluetooth wireless support. The sum is more than enough to keep most new listeners happy, producing a warm, classic turntable sound characterized by a pleasurable presence at more than sufficient volume in the average size living room.

The remote is suggestive in size and button layout as to an old school AppleTV remote, but much more dependable and easy to use without a glance.

The front positioned 32-step volume knob is a tactile delight; a press switches inputs with pleasurable feedback.

Audiophiles will often steer new acolytes of the turntable toward Pro-Ject because the Austrian company’s reputation for excellent performance at a reasonable price. Their all-in-one Juke Box E HiFi Set doesn’t diverge from this reputation, a convenient and great looking beginner’s system unencumbered by an excess of componentry, cords, and cables designed to bring a dash of audiophile presence into any living room.

Art, Audio, Bluetooth, Design, Entertainment, Inspiration, Main, Pro-Ject, Technology, turntable

Art, Audio, Bluetooth, Design, Entertainment, Inspiration, Main, Pro-Ject, Technology, turntable

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