Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 leak reveals a hole punch camera, 120Hz display

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold sequel fixes niggling issues with the first model — if these rumors are accurate.

What you need to know

  • More leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 have emerged months before an expected release.

  • The outer screen of the Fold 2 is said to be much bigger and capacious compared to the initial release, and the inner screen will jump in size as well as shift up to 120Hz.

  • The Fold 2 is also expected to debut with an S-Pen, improving its productivity focus.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 has been rumored to be making its way down sometime this year, and now we have a bit of an idea of what kind of specs will drive this experience.

In a series of tweets, industry analyst Ross Young shared the display specs of the upcoming foldable, tweeting:

Other specs confirmed include the S-Pen which earlier reports had already pegged as being on the table.

Providing a visual aid to these numbers, concept designer Ben Geskin has shared an image showing us what that the updated Fold could look like.

These specs herald a Samsung which has paid attention to critics of the first iteration of its Fold. The small screen has been fixed, it’s adding 120Hz to provide a smoother experience, and the S-Pen coming along for the ride elevates the Fold as a productivity machine.

The Galaxy Fold impressed us when we reviewed it, with Android Central’s Nirave Gondhia commenting:

[T]he Galaxy Fold has made me rethink smartphones. Now I’m no longer just looking for a feature like a great camera, but instead looking for ways that my phone can truly improve my workflow and life. Take multitasking: two apps side by side with enough visible space when the keyboard is open is the ideal solution, and the Fold is the only smartphone capable of doing this well. It’s not just style, the Galaxy Fold has substance as well and it’s the closest we’ve come to a smartphone replacing a laptop.

It’s not clear when the Fold will launch, earlier rumors pegged it at Q2 2020. Though with supply chains and economies under disruption, it’s currently unknown whether that is still the plan.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

$1,930 at Best Buy

The first iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was a peek into a potential future for smartphones and tablets. While flawed, it remains an experience worth having — if you can afford it.

Android, Gadget, Technology, Uncategorized

Android, Gadget, Technology, Uncategorized

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