#StaySafe: BMW M invites us to the NIGHT DRIVE

In this period of almost total isolation, BMW M invites everybody on a night tour that will stir good memories of the days of total freedom. We have to recognize our life has completely since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. What was initially thought of no threat became the worst nightmare globally.

With most of economic activities shut down and many on the verge of total collapse, the world we knew changed dramatically overnight and for the good. In the quest and desire to come to the normal life we had before the CoVID-19 crisis, we can only question ourselves how much will it take in the end and how we will deal with and handle this lockdown.

This is a challenge for many of us, but we must as well feel blessed if we have the chance to work from home, thus reducing our exposure to the outside threat. For many BMW fans, the isolation also means that we get to spend less and less time behind the wheel of our beloved Bimmers, that we must safely keep in our garages or private car parks.

Thriving to the day when we get rid of this mess, BMW M invites us on a late night drive on the Middle Ring (Mittlerer Ring in German) highway in Munich.

This federal road, officially entitled Bundesstraße 2R, is usually the most congested road within the Bavarian capital city, due to its length of 28 kilometers and its positioning between the outer ring highway (incomplete and part of the Autobahnring) and the inner Altstadtring.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the night-time drive with BMW M. #StayHome, #StaySafe!

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Auto, Automotive, Bmw, BMW M, Car, night drive, Videos

Auto, Automotive, Bmw, BMW M, Car, night drive, Videos

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