These are our picks for best Xbox accessories for 2020 (update)

Whether you have the 4K media-focused Xbox One S or the 4K gaming powerhouse Xbox One X, you’re most likely going to need accessories. Some of the most necessary accessories include vertical stands, battery chargers for controllers, among others. We’ve put together a list of some of the best available.

The Elite Controller Series 2 is a massive step up from its predecessor, with an insanely potent internal battery, a high-quality charge dock, refined build quality, and tons of swappable parts. This should be the first accessory you consider for the Xbox One S, X, or even the Xbox Series X in the future.

Voice control

Amazon Echo

Staff favorite

You can now control your Xbox console using voice commands via an Amazon Echo speaker. The lowest-cost Echo devices are pretty affordable and currently sport the most extensive array of support for connected devices and services. The most affordable Echo device is the Echo Dot, starting at $25.

From $30 at Amazon

Extra controllers

Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller

One of the best-looking spare Xbox controllers money can buy is, without a doubt, the translucent, spooky Phantom Magenta Xbox Controller. These Bluetooth controllers can be used on both Xbox One and PC, making them a versatile spare controller option.

$60 at Microsoft

Affordable controller

Regular Xbox Controller

If you figure that Player 2 doesn’t need any bells and whistles, you can pick up a more affordable standard Xbox One controller. The latest models also come with Bluetooth for Xbox One and PC, and they can be connected via a USB cable if wirelessness isn’t your thing.

$60 at Amazon

Xbox controller upgrades

Bionik Quickshot

The Bionik Quickshot adds a couple of excellent features from the Xbox One Elite Controller on a far more affordable budget. The custom parts can be easily fitted into any current-gen Xbox One controller, adding trigger locks for faster firing, and rubberized grips for a more ergonomic feel.

From $10 at Amazon

Affordable 4K

TCL 55R617

This TCL TV set is still regarded as the best budget option for accessible 4K gaming. Whether you’re using an Xbox One X for 4K gaming or Xbox One S for 4K media, this TCL set is the cheapest, high-quality option for jumping on the 4K train.

$450 at Amazon

4K OLED glory


The current LG B8 OLED 4K TV is widely regarded as the best on the market for 4K gaming and media right now, with insane HDR contrasts and lighting, and a range of great features. It’s not cheap, but it is the best if that’s what you’re after.

$1,900 at Amazon

Control all the things

PDP Talon Media Remote

The PDP Talon Media remote gets our pick as the best media remote for Xbox One thanks in part to it being even better (and cheaper) than Microsoft’s home-grown solution. The PDP Talon Media remote has every control needed to take command of your media.

$20 at Amazon

Mouse and keys

Razer Turret

The Razer Turret is a badass (but pricey) wireless keyboard and mouse combo designed for Xbox One. With Xbox now able to support a couple of dozen games via mouse and keyboard, those who fancy the added precision of a mouse in games like The Sims 4 and Deep Rock Galactic should give this product some serious consideration.

$250 at Razer

Budget racing

Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive

An incredibly affordable way to have a more immersive and enjoyable experience in your Xbox One racing games, the Hori Overdrive racing wheel doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it is rock solid.

$200 at Amazon

Stand at attention

Xbox One vertical stands

Unlike the original Xbox One, which could only be placed horizontally, the Xbox One X and S have been designed to accommodate vertical positioning. PowerA makes stands compatible with both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Standing the consoles on their sides makes for further space in your entertainment setup and can keep the consoles from overheating.

$25 at Amazon

Wireless sound

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

For voice communication, a headset is a must, and we’re currently recommending the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 as the best value wireless Xbox One headset. With great battery life, full wireless capabilities, mic monitoring feedback, and excellent design and construction, you won’t be disappointed.

$100 at Amazon

Wired sound

Turtle Beach Atlas Elite

If you prefer quality wired headsets, our current favorite is the new Atlas Elite from Turtle Beach. Sporting premium audio tuning with robust materials and high-quality construction, the Atlas Elite is tough to beat on value, which feels (and sounds) as though it could be far more expensive.

$100 at Amazon

Superior audio control

Astro MixAmp Pro TR

If you prefer using a wired headset, you can add more functionality quickly and easily using Astro’s Pro TR MixAmp bundle. This is an excellent tool for mixing sound from your Xbox with audio from a PC if you fancy using Discord or other PC programs for voice chat instead, complete with mic-monitoring injection.

$250 at Best Buy

Extra storage

Seagate External HDD

All those 4K game assets wreak havoc on a game’s installation size. Red Dead Redemption 2 is over 100GB, for example, and will no doubt get even larger with subsequent DLC and updates. As such, an external storage device is practically a must these days.

From $79 at Amazon

Superior batteries

Panasonic Eneloop Charger

Standard AA batteries for controllers can become seriously expensive over time, which is why investing in a decent rechargeable solution will save you money. Panasonic’s Eneloop batteries can be recharged many, many times before falling flat completely.

$28 at Amazon

Convenient charging

Smatree Xbox Recharge Dock

If you fancy less fiddly charging solutions, consider the Snakebyte Twin:Charge X. The 2000 mAh batteries are impressively beefy, and the drop-and-charge configuration is supremely convenient. It also keeps your play space tidy, too.

$28 at Amazon


Techole 4K HDMI switch

If you find yourself wanting to switch more easily between multiple HDMI devices on a single port, Techole’s affordable HDMI switch has been a rock-solid option for me personally. I have several of them for various devices in my setup and haven’t had any issues.

$17 at Amazon

Live it up

Xbox Live

Xbox Live Gold is the essential subscription for any Xbox One user, offering access to some of the console’s best features. This premium subscription grants full access to Microsoft’s gaming network, including four free games per month and online multiplayer.

From $22 at Amazon

There’s a vast range of great accessories out there for Xbox One, hitting all sorts of quality levels and price points. The absolute top accessory you should consider before anything else is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Boasting dozens of hours of battery life, a sleek and weighty charge dock, four extra buttons on the reverse, onboard memory for storing profiles and settings, and a vast array of improvements, this may be the best controller ever made. It’s also compatible with PC, phones, and the upcoming Xbox Series X.

As for best accessories, I’m a big fan of the Alexa integration Microsoft has put forward recently and can’t recommend an Amazon Echo enough. I wish I could recommend the Cortana-powered Harman/Kardon Invoke, but it doesn’t look like Microsoft is serious about its own assistant’s future.

We’re also big fans of wireless headsets, particularly Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600, for its wide array of features and solid audio quality.

Entertainment, Microsoft, Technology, Uncategorized, Windows

Entertainment, Microsoft, Technology, Uncategorized, Windows

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