This week in Android: Motorola is back! OnePlus in trouble? Samsung giveaway

Motorola Moto G Stylus and Powercamera closeup

Survey says: The OnePlus 7T is better than the OnePlus 8! Sorry, that’s not quite what it says, but it looks like most of you would take the older 7T over the newer phone. Why is that? Could the answer be that some OnePlus 8 Pro units are suffering from green screen tint and black crush issues? Maybe you’re just worried because they are cutting tons of jobs in Europe? Oh, maybe it’s just the price.

Motorola isn’t dead. A name we don’t get to use enough around here, Motorola has announced a few new machines recently. We took some time with the Moto G Power and Moto G Stylus. Believe it or not, one of them has lots of power, the other has a stylus, but both cost less than $300!

More exciting, the new Motorola Edge Plus is what you might call a proper smartphone. Snapdragon 865 chipset, 5G connectivity, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal storage are all on-par with current flagships, then Motorola packed in a headphone jack and a huge 5,000mAh battery. Nicely done!

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Samsung Galaxy S20 international giveaway

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This week, we’re giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. Enter this week’s Sunday giveaway for your chance to win!

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Android, Gadget, News, Technology

Android, Gadget, News, Technology

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