Utilize the Polaroid Pop’s storage capabilities with a microSD card

The Polaroid Pop gives you just enough internal memory to store ten photos. That works for quick, planned shots, but most photographers will need more room to capture a day’s worth of adventures. The Polaroid Pop supports MicroSD cards up to 128GBs, and cards that meet these criteria are not hard to find. Some are more reliable than others, though. These MicroSD cards are the ones we trust in our gear.

The best for any weather

SanDisk Extreme 64GB

Staff Pick

Weather changes fast, so it’s good to be ahead of the forecast and invest in equipment that can stand up to Mother Nature. The SanDisk Extreme microSD 64GB card is tested in some of the harshest conditions to ensure it will always read and write as it should on your Polaroid Pop. The SanDisk is temperature-proof, water-resistant, and shock-proof. Read speeds are up to 160MBs and write speeds top out at 90MBs. The SanDisk Extreme is a fast card with plenty of room for a weekend of shots.

$15 at Amazon
$17 at Newegg

A really good card at a good price

Transcend Premium 16GB

Transcend Premium 16GB microSD cards are beloved by photographs for their price and performance. This card from Transcend offers read speeds of up to 60MBs per second and write speeds of 20MBs per second. It’s not the fastest card on the block, but it is the least expensive and one of the most reliable. At this price point, you can grab a couple of cards and switch them out as needed.

$9 at Amazon
$5 at B&H Photo

A little bit faster now

Samsung Evo Plus 64GB

This Samsung Evo Plus microSD offers up 64GBs of room for photos on your Polaroid Pop and has good read/write speeds. Pictures write to the card at 60MBs per second and read at 100MBs per second so you can work quickly. You’ll also get superb weatherproofing with Samsung. The Samsung Evo Plus is heat resistant, magnet proof, and has an IPX7 water rating.

$13 at Amazon
$25 at Best Buy

Room to grow

Lexar 667X 128GB

When you want assurance that you’ll never run out of room for all your photos, you want the Lexar Professional 667X microSD card. You’ll get a whopping 128GBs to play with, and transfer speeds up to 100MBs per second. If you’re the type to take a lot of pictures and download them much, much later, this is the card for you.

$20 at Amazon
$20 at Newegg

Double up

Silicon Power 64GB 2-pack

This twin pack of 64GB microSD cards from Silicon Power is one of the best deals going. With UHS-1 Class 10 specs, you’ll be treated to fast read/write speeds and a 5-year warranty. Thanks to 85MBs per second write speed, you can shoot pictures without lag. Double up on cards and savings with Silicon Power, and you’ll always have an extra card on hand for your Polaroid Pop.

$17 at Amazon

My recommendations

MicroSD cards are not hard to find these days, but not all perform well. When I need a memory card that works in any environment, I go with SanDisk Extreme. Built to withstand the challenges of temperature swings, moisture, and bumping around in your camera bag, SanDisk Extreme is a tough little card with speedy read and write ratings.

I use Transcend Premium 16GB microSD Cards when traveling with my camera. They’re affordable, have enough space for a week’s worth of vacation photos, and they’ve never let me down.

If you want to take a lot of pictures at once, grab the Lexar 667 128GB MicroSD. Read/write speeds are quick, the price is low, and you can shoot away to your heart’s content without worrying about running out of room on your card.

Apple, Entertainment, Iphone, Mac, Technology, Uncategorized

Apple, Entertainment, Iphone, Mac, Technology, Uncategorized

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