Your Audible books will love these smart speakers

Listening to audiobooks is simply easier when paired with a smart speaker that has the Amazon Alexa voice assistant built-in. To achieve this, however, doesn’t necessarily require buying a speaker made by Amazon, as you can see on the list below of the best speakers for streaming Audible books, although having Alexa built-in certainly does help. You can use any speaker to stream audiobooks, but when you want to listen to Audible, Alexa’s just going to make it easier.

Pure synergy

Amazon Echo 3rd Generation

Staff Favorite

Like other choices on this list, the flagship Amazon Echo speaker gives you the ability to ask Alexa to play your audiobooks with simple commands such as “Alexa, read my book,” “Alexa, what’s in my Audible library?” and “Alexa, what are my books?” And you thought Echo speakers were only for music and ordering pizza. This is the mid-range Echo product currently offered by Amazon.

$99 at Amazon$100 at Best Buy

Bundle of joy

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation with Clock

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash for an Alexa-based speaker. When it comes to reading audiobooks, the entry-level Echo Dot does everything the larger speakers do, just in a smaller package, and it includes a handy clock built right in. Some advice: install one in every room of your home where you plan on listening.

$60 at Amazon$60 at Best Buy

Plug and play

Echo Flex

If you don’t care about audio quality and just want your Audible books everywhere possible with the least amount of hassle, then the Echo Flex is the one for you. This compact Echo plugs directly into a power outlet, giving you hands-free Alexa without the messy wires, and it also happens to be the cheapest Amazon Echo around.

$25 at Amazon$25 at Best Buy

This one’s portable

Ultimate Ears Megablast

The portable Ultimate Ears Megablast, along with its younger brother, the Blast, has Alexa built-in. Because it offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, it also allows you to use Alexa Voice Service at home or on the go. It’s also portable and rated IP67, which means it’s waterproof, making it perfect for get-togethers on the go.

$250 at Amazon$250 at Best Buy

Premium choice

Sonos One

Offering the signature Sonos sound, the One speaker is a versatile option that can play your Audible books and more. The Sonos One works with a variety of music services for direct on-device streaming, and it also works with wireless standards like Apple’s AirPlay 2. Best of all, this speaker includes Alexa, so you can summon your books or tunes at will.

$199 at Amazon$200 at Best Buy

For the kids

Echo Show 5 Toy Story Bundle

The Echo Show 5 Toy Story Bundle brings a playful approach to the smart display, making it perfect for a child’s room. This jack-of-all-trades works as a clock, webcam, intercom, Alexa voice assistant, and yes, it can read your favorite Audible storybooks when it comes to the bedtime routine.

$95 at Amazon

Listen anywhere

Listening to your Audible books is now easier than ever with apps on our phones and through Amazon’s Alexa. Whether you want the best possible sound, something you can take on the go, or just a device that can fit in anywhere, there are tons of options available, each with the ability to summon your books on demand.

The Amazon Echo 3rd Generation combines great sound quality, an affordable price, and voice control convenience all in one slim package. This smart speaker has direct integration with Audible and smart home services, allowing you to dim the lights before you settle in for some relaxing book time.

Looking for a no-hassle way to bring your books to the bathroom, or your garage workspace? The Echo Flex is a simple to set up solution that plugs directly into a wall outlet anywhere, without extra cords. Having Alexa in an affordable plug and play form factor makes summoning your books a breeze without having to stop what you are doing.

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Apple, Entertainment, Iphone, Mac, Technology, Uncategorized

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